Getting Into Literacy

Getting Into Literacy

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ICT Curriculum Documents

Here are the ICT Curriculum Documents I wrote for South Rise Primary School in 2009.

The idea of the documents is that they cover all the key skills and vocabulary needed to reach the National Curriculum strand requirements for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Staff were encouraged to use these documents alongside their planning of all subjects and embed the ICT skills in a cross curricular way in all subjects. Key skills could be ticked off or highlighted when they had covered them.

Teachers did not have to follow each unit as a block of work but could dip in and out over the year so that the cross curricular ICT was genuine and not founded on tenuous links.

It needs an update which am working on now but may be a good starting point for many schools who want to embed ICT and show they are covering the NC requirements.

Our use of embedded ICT was praised by the ICT Mark judges and OFSTED inspectors who called the ICT provision across the school "very good".

Click the links below for the required year groups. We found after the first year that children were so advanced we moved the year groups up one but these are the basis of that change as per the NC levels and expectation for each year.

Year 1 ICT Document

Year 2 ICT Document

Year 3 ICT Document

Year 4 ICT Document

Year 5 ICT Document

Year 6 ICT Document

National Curriculum Strands ICT Key Stage 1

National Curriculum Strands ICT Key Stage 2