Getting Into Literacy

Getting Into Literacy

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Year 5 Myths

Year 5 were working on Greek Myths.

They wrote their own myths and then drew illustrations to go with them.

The illustrations were scanned in and added to a Windows Movie Maker project file. Then they recorded their soundtrack using Audacity and added this MP3 file to their Windows Movie Maker project. They then editted the work to make sure that the illustrations went with the soundtrack and added title pages and other editting effects to create their final pieces of work which on on YouTube as well for all to see. We originally said that only the best would be displayed but they all did such a fantastic job that we have shown them all on the site!


Lekados and the Fearless Dramanist


The Battle of Mankey


The Legend of Greece


Florina and the Snaggon


Skellig and Artas


Fantastic 5


Power of Revenge


Seus and Minos


The Story of the Wicked King


The Legend of Jube