Getting Into Literacy

Getting Into Literacy

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GIF Animations

During our Easter school classes children were taught to use FlipNote Studio on the Nintendo DSs to create animations which we then saved as GIF files to showcase here.

Children were given free choice over the story in their flipnote animation. Children draw each animation page while the DS 'ghosts' the pages drawn previously to help the children see how each page is changing. Children can play back and edit their work until they are happy with them.

These GIFs are the result of 3 hours of work split between 75 children aged from 6-11 years. Each group had 40 minutes to learn how to use FlipNote and then to create their animation before saving their work.

We hope you like them. Bearing in mind the age of many of these children I have been very impressed by the creativity, imagination and artistic ability. Not to mention their attention to detail and ability to listen to instructions and follow them.