Getting Into Literacy

Getting Into Literacy

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Awards Won:

Jodie Lopez (née Collins)

Winner of Inspirational Educator Award

Company of Educators 2013


Teaching Awards

Jodie Collins

Winner of Becta Next Generation Learning Award

Teaching Awards 2010 London and South East


Make It Happy

Make IT Happy 2010

South Rise Primary School - Winners for London Region

For the website created by children with Jodie

Pictured with MP Nick Raynsford

Startegic Implementation Award

Awarding Body: London Grid for Learning (LGfL)

Category: Strategic Implementation of the London MLE in a Primary context
South Rise Primary, Greenwich

Date: 2nd November 2009

Awarded for:

  • Strategic and planned approach to their implementation

  • Strategic approach to whole staff CPD in use of MLE

  • Regular reviews of progress by school senior leadership

ICT Facility Award

Awarding Body: Education Business Awards

  • Award:  ICT Facility Award

Awarded to the educational establishment in the UK that has made outstanding progress in the provision of a first class environment for the teaching of ICT and related subjects.

South Rise Primary School, London - WINNER

Eaton Valley Primary School, West Midlands
Belgrave CE Primary School, Staffordshire

Why we won:

 Facility Award


Awarding Body: BECTA

  • Award: ICT Excellence Awards 2009

  • Shortlisted in top 3 in the UK for category 'Beyond the Classroom'

Learning Without Frontiers

  • Hero Innovator Award Primary 2011 - Shortlisted top 3