Getting Into Literacy

Getting Into Literacy

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Getting Into Literacy is primarily a project which uses ICT to enhance literacy skills. Each of the areas of the project involve ICT at some stage but the focus on literacy is the key to unlocking the potential.

If you want to podcast professionally you need a good script. Likewise for film making. So without great literacy the ICT is a bit pointless. So why add the ICT after writing a great script for the teacher to mark then? Well the reason for this is fairly simple. To engage the children.

As soon as a child knows their work will be made into a podcast or video which has a real audience they will ensure their work is of a high level. Also by working in a group they will peer assess and improve their work constantly without the teacher needing to intervene.

The results are clear - the teacher has an even better script on paper than they may have had and the child has a piece of work online which they are proud of and can show family and friends for years to come as well as seeing an improvement in their written literacy levels.

Students are encouraged to approach their work professionally.

The project has been very successful in creating a sense of pride and achievement in the students. The students are able to produce literacy work which shows their skills in the four main areas of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

The project has been aimed at both Gifted and Talented students and those who struggle to put pen to paper. The Gifted and Talented students find that the access they are given to technologies and online audiences provides them with a platform for their achievements and are always happy to produce more work for you!

The less able students have found that using ICT can be less daunting than being faced with a piece of blank A4 paper and a pencil!